An eclectic mix of photographs from Northern Ireland and further afield.

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Paul Evans, Larne 2019

Northern Ireland has to be one of the finest parts of the world for capturing a huge range of atmospheric phenomena simply because we have such a variety of weather!

  • plane170427994 plane170427994
  • plane170427996 plane170427996
  • rainbow170615952 rainbow170615952
  • storm170517858 storm170517858
  • strike4170730 strike4170730
  • anticreps161124784 anticreps161124784
  • atmos080803003 atmos080803003
  • atmos110815038 atmos110815038
  • atmos110815039 atmos110815039
  • beltofvenus161124002 beltofvenus161124002
  • circumzenithal110815041 circumzenithal110815041
  • circumzenithal110815044 circumzenithal110815044
  • etruscansunset080216507 etruscansunset080216507
  • halo080914088 halo080914088
  • iridescent081020073 iridescent081020073
  • lenticular090809 lenticular090809
  • lightning060702 lightning060702
  • lunarhalo071224019 lunarhalo071224019
  • lunarhalo080116 lunarhalo080116
  • lunarhalo110915001 lunarhalo110915001
  • mammatus100322 mammatus100322
  • pillar050517082 pillar050517082
  • pillar060602 pillar060602
  • rainbow060621002 rainbow060621002
  • rainbow070627002 rainbow070627002
  • rainbow080620377 rainbow080620377
  • rainbowspokes080620373 rainbowspokes080620373
  • sky060611018 sky060611018
  • storm080424 storm080424
  • sundog080914083 sundog080914083
  • sundog080914084 sundog080914084
  • sunhalo070509003 sunhalo070509003
  • sunrise060613005 sunrise060613005