An eclectic mix of photographs from Northern Ireland and further afield.

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Paul Evans, Larne 2019


I’ve been blogging since before that was a word. I think it was called “messing about on the Internet” at the time!


In terms of Social Media I was involved in Compuserve and CIX from 1992 onwards, which involved modems, telephone lines and astronomical telephone bills! It was all good clean fun, but then In 1997 everything changed when CIX offered me an IP connection. I already had www access courtesy of Compuserve and WinCIM, but this was different, not least because part of the bundle was a whopping 256kB of my own webspace. The original page I had there was a collection of rather risque jokes garnered from various sources – the early web was a far more anarchic place than it is now, as were the bulletin boards of the time. I was also beginning to use my PC for imaging applications and around the same time the price of an entry level flatbed scanner dropped from £600 to £200 so I was in, and around 1998 the space bundled with my CIX account increased to 1MB then incrementally more as time went on. so I had a small image archive online.

Here, I’ll be rescuing a few still relevant bits of my web presence from years gone by, purely out of curiosity! 


Eclipse 2002 Here’s a page written back in 2002 describing what was literally a life changing experience, my first Total Solar Eclipse. This involved a three week holiday in Australia, arriving in Brisbane, driving down to Adelaide via Sydney then picking up a coach tour out to Ceduna, returning to Adelaide then driving to Melbourne for the flight home.


The overall distance covered including the flights was about 25,000 miles and the duration of the totality was 32 seconds. Would I do the same again? Yes, of course I would!

Paul Evans Photography 2006 Here’s a collection of new and archived photos originally made in 2006 for an earlier version of this website – 350 assorted snaps both digital and scanned from film covering various holidays and outings from the 1990s onwards. Predating my use of web-based Content Manangement Systems, this used a pretty good PC based album generator called jalbum, still available to this day.