Ailsa Craig

Ailsa Craig is a 1000ft high rock in the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland. Here it is, 40 miles away, covered with snow, looking perhaps a bit like Mount Kilimanjaro πŸ™‚

All change at PGEPhotos!

Well this website has been a Piwigo site for quite a while now, but I felt that although Piwigo is an excellent gallery manager, it’s lacking in other respects. Even with the “Additional Pages” plugin I was struggling to use it as a writing platform, so now I’m returning to WordPress. Keep an eye out to see how I’m getting on with that!




Greetings and welcome to the website of Northern Ireland based Photographer Paul Evans. I’m a fifty-something English gentleman living in County Antrim having emigrated from London in 2003. I work as a Technologist in the TV and Radio business and divide my time between my work and my related hobbies of Astronomy, Photography and collecting Cameras and Lenses.
I am, like many these days, something of a Computer enthusiast, though I am much more interested in the uses to which the machinery can be put than in the actual hardware itself.
This site mostly consists of collections of photographs I have taken here in Northern Ireland and further afield, arranged in Galleries – see the linkΒ above for the index.
I am also writing a few articles, listed on the menu above, about different aspects of interest in my hobbies.
I am also a keen Astronomer and have been President of theΒ Irish Astronomical AssociationΒ for 5 of the last 6 years.