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Eclipse 2006
These are my pictures of the Total Solar Eclipse of March 29th 2006 observed from Manavgat, Turkey

PICT0058a The setting - in the middle of Manavgat, Turkey, right on the centreline PICT0059a By the Manavgat River PICT0041firstcontactaa First Bite PICT0047partialaa Beginning to feel cooler, sunglasses no longer needed. Note sunspot groups PICT0050partiala Shadows beginning to harden PICT0033partiala Getting close now - light quality very strange PICT0034lastpartiala This is still a blinding light! PICT0035aa Nice second contact - lost focus removing the filter :-( PICT0037innercoronaprominencesa Note prominences PICT0040outercropa Outer corona shot PICT0042coronaa Exposed for inner corona PICT0044thirdcontacta My fourth diamond ring was a beauty! Missed the focus again :-( PICT0052fourtcontacta Last bite - that's it until August 2008! PICT0053a Shadows during partial phase PICT0054a Shadows during partial phase PICT0056a Shadows during partial phase PICT0057a Shadows during partial phase PICT0060a Time for an excellent lunch and some beer! PICT0055a Time for an excellent lunch and some beer!
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