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Latest Astronomy
The latest astrophotography shots are in here.

PICT0017proc Double Cluster in Perseus PICT0011proc Orion Sword and Belt, M42, M43 and Flame Nebula PICT0008proc Leo the Lion PICT0006proc Canis Major - Sirius at the top PICT0005proc Orion - not sure if that's a meteor or satellite PICT0001proc Lower arm of Ursa Major moon060302 3 day old Moon venus060301a Venus through a Telescope - 1st March 2006 venus060228 Venus, 28th February 2006 milkyway060218 Milky Way including North America Nebula polar060218 Trails around the Pole Star mercury060220 Mercury - 20th February 2006 moonhalo060218 Moon Halo - 18th February 2006 m44saturntwins M44, Saturn, Castor and Pollux marsm45hyades060215 M45, Mars, Aldebaran and the Hyades cygnusngc7000051224 Cygnus and NGC7000 - The North America Nebula mon060207 Moon - 7th February 2006 moon06020301 Moon - 3rd February 2006 crisium060202 Mare Crisium - 2nd February 2006 moon06020101 Moon with Earthshine - 1st February 2006