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Recent Shots
Just a few of the latest which will eventually be recategorised....

scot060304 Snow melted in N. Ireland, still on the ground in Scotland sunset060303 Fiery Post-sunset Sky - Raloo, Co Antrim - 3rd March 2006 PICT0033a 3 day old Moon viewed through a telescope - 2nd March 2006 PICT0018a Smudge's first snow! PICT0019a In order to get out, I have to go down that 1 in 6 hill! Look at the skid marks left by one who tried! PICT0013proc Two Day Moon with Mercury - 1st March 2006 PICT0007a Hailstorms in St George's Channel - 1st March 2006 venus060301a Venus through a telescope - March 1st 2006 PICT0002 Sunrise, Larne, 28th February 2006 PICT0004 Sunrise, Larne, 28th February 2006 PICT0003proc Venus in the morning, 28th February 2006 PICT0008a Sunset, Raloo, Co Antrim PICT0013 Mercury in the evening PICT0008aa Glenariff Forest Park PICT0009a Glenariff Forest Park sunset060128 Sunset, Raloo, Co Antrim - 29th January 2006