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Sunrises and Sunsets
A collection of Sunrises and Sunsets with a couple of Moonrises throown in for good measure!

PICT0017aproc Sunset, Raloo, Co Antrim PICT0009proca Moonrise over the Irish Sea - Co Antrim PICT0024proc Moonrise over the Maidens, Drains Bay, Co Antrim PICT0017bproc Sunset, Co Antrim PICT0008proc Sunset, Raloo, Co Antrim PICT0012proc Sunset with pillar, Raloo, Co Antrim PICT0028proc Moonrise, Drains Bay, Co Antrim PICT0017proc Sunset, Co Antrim PICT0016a Sunrise over Islandmagee, Co Antrim PICT0009a Sunset, Co Antrim PICT0016 Sunset over Donegal from Dunluce Castle, Co Antrim PICT0039 Sunrise over Scotland from Larne, Co Antrim PICT0042a Sunrise over Scotland from Larne, Co Antrim PICT0041 Sunrise over the Irish Sea from Larne, Co Antrim PICT0129 First boat in, Larne, Co Antrim PICT0112 Solar pillar, Larne, Co Antrim PICT0082a Solar pillar, Larne, Co Antrim PICT0075a Sunrise over the Irish Sea, Larne, Co Antrim solarpillar0505a Solar Pillar, Larne, Co Antrim bangorsunset04 Sunset over Belfast Lough, Ballyholme, Co Down aus018a Sunset, Sydney, Australia aus020 Indian Ocean Sunset, Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia US95038 Pacific Sunset, Monterey, California turk0002a Sunset, Side, Turkey