Welcome to my website! Here I will be showcasing some of my photographic work and talking about gear and some of the things I do with it.

I’m a fifty-something gentleman of English upbringing, though I am in fact also half-Irish, and have lived in Northern Ireland for the last 15 years since I married Jude. We live in Larne in a lovely house owned by our cat Ollie.

I am a keen astronomer and space enthusiast having taken up this fascinating lifelong interest at the time of Apollo 8 so I’ve been very involved in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Moon landings having given talks on the subject in both the UK and Ireland.

I am a 5-year past President of the Irish Astronomical Association and in 2019 I took up the Chair of the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies having been Secretary for the previous 5 years.

I took up photography initially in 1971 using my father’s Exa 1B camera then had a succession of cameras of my own – A Kodak Instamatic 33, Cosmic 35, Iloca rangefinder, Pentax PC35, then in the late ’80s I went into SLRs with a Minolta X-300.

Having been through Minolta AF and Dynax cameras and then to Konica Minolta and Sony DSLRs, these days I use Lumix mirrorless cameras, loving the size and weight of the cameras and especially the lenses. The ability to use old lenses has almost become a separate hobby in itself! I also own a medium format Minolta Autocord from 1956 which I try and use at least once a year too. Using a fine-grained negative film, a tripod, a cable release and professional scanning I can get results from this that are at least as good as a modern digital.

I work as an Operations Engineer in the TV and Radio business having pursued a varied career which has included IT management in both Projects and Support capacities in various organisations, though I’ve always managed to end up back in Broadcasting – there is no escape!

I am well travelled, my lifetime itinerary includes numerous visits to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various European holidays. Plus a spell working in India and the trip of a lifetime to China. I have also circumnavigated the globe, but only once!

Enjoy my site as it develops!

Paul Evans, Larne, County Antrim, May 2020