Eclipse Collection

A particular branch of Astronomy that has always fascinated me is the eclipse. I’ve seen the Total Solar Eclipse three times as well as many partial and lunar eclipses which are all well worth seeing. I’m hoping to stand in the Moon’s shadow again at some stage. Quite possibly in the USA in April 2024.

Kennedy Space Center

For a space nut like me, this place is paradise! Positioned on the east coast of the United States, almost as close to the equator as it’s possible to get in the USA, rockets launched from here benefit from the Earth’s rotation getting the first 1,000 mph of the 17,500 needed to attain orbit for… Continue reading Kennedy Space Center

Johnson Space Center

Mainly known as the home of Mission Control, Houston, there is much more to JSC than this. We visited the Center in 2013 and were able to see a lot of Space memorabilia as well as the Classic Mission Control restored to its 1969 configuration, the International Space Station Training Rig and of course the… Continue reading Johnson Space Center

Astronomy Talks

Paul speaking at Trinity College, Dublin

I’ve done many talks, usually on astronomical subjects over the last 12 or so years. I’ve filmed a few and since the Covid lockdowns this has evolved into a regular series of Sky Guides. IAA Season Introduction, 20th September 2017 “Beginners’ Astrophotography”, Irish Astronomical Association, 16th November 2016 “Getting Started in Astrophotography” – Larne Camera… Continue reading Astronomy Talks