Pentax Espio 928

This was my Zoom Compact camera in the late 1990s. Towards the end of the film era the previous generation of fixed focal range compact cameras gave way to the zoom compact due to consumer demand for a bit more reach, and indeed some wider angle coverage too. However doing this whilst keeping the camera… Continue reading Pentax Espio 928

Pentax PC35AF-M

This was my compact camera in the 1980s when I was travelling a lot with work, so it has been to India and much of Europe, also Cyprus, Israel, Cairo and various holidays to Greece and Turkey. It pre-dates the compact zoom designs and has a fixed focal 35mm f2.8 lens which is very sharp,… Continue reading Pentax PC35AF-M

Astrophotography for Beginners Talk

This is a talk that I’ve delivered a number of times over the years, hopefully improving with each version. This version was delivered by Zoom to Connemara Astronomy Club during lockdown